Sheet Masks for Crystal Clear Skin? Yes | #AKTips

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Hi Guys, Sharing another skincare regime that I follow, which is the Sheet masks. Let me know your thoughts.
Purchase link:
Crystal Sheet Mask link -
Crystal Micro Essence Link -

  • Mee too avneet you look like a fairy

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  • Nice viodo

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  • avneet plzz do a live with siddharth and clear this misunderstanding plźzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Avneet please aap riyaz ke sath Nahi Siddharth ke sath raha kro please please please please

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  • tum bangladesh kab aoge avneet cutee

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  • Avneet pls show ur black dress collection

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  • Avneet didi I am biggest fan of your

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  • Didi i also wanted to become a actress I am only 11 years old my name is Nidhi Maravi

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  • Avneet i am u biggest fan

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  • I'm Missing avneet in show Aladdin you are so cute avneet and funny also I like you and I am your biggest fan 😊👌😭

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  • Sidneet comeback

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  • Always best and prettiest Avneet all love u cutie East or west Avneet is best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Please come back in alladin

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  • Give us your routine

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  • A- awesome V- very beautiful N- natural glow E- empressive E- empathetic T- trendy

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  • Kaiku itta thopri

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  • Avneet kaur tik tok video

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  • I needed this video thank you avneet 😊

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  • Haye

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  • Avneet - Like Ashi - Comment

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  • Mam We are missing you old Yasmine You are so beautiful that we cannot say But we are truely missing you Sid bhaiya is doing best but you are not there we miss you sidneet You are sidneet + sidneetians love you Alasmine + Sidneet + Sidneetians love you .............. #bringbackavneet #comebackavneet Love you mam Please plz be back in Aladdin show as role of Yasmine love you be back Plzplzplzlpzzzzzzzzz.........................

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  • Please make a video on your nail colours

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  • Literally avneet and arishfa are making the same videos

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  • What about the damage these "almost doing nothing to the skin" sheet masks are causing to the nature ? You influencers are already rich enough to afford quality products but in case of money making you are literally promoting such useless things to your audience for support .

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  • Please make a video of Siddharth Nigam is doing your make up

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  • Di please tell us about your full morning routine . Kis kis ko janna h di ka full morning routine please comment

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  • hiii avneet

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  • Im live in Bangladesh and i'm your very very very fan

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  • Avneet don't make us fool ok when you remove your mask there was make-up on the mask it shows that you were wearing make up and in your night skincare care we see how bright your skin ok your plans failed edit- in your all make up video you already wore a lot of make up ok so don't show the lie

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  • Hey avneet! Dont get urself affected by all the negative statements about what u are doing. You are a smart n mature artist u r doin really good n keep going!

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