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My 2nd collaboration with Missa More!♥️ So excited to post this! Here are all the 5 looks. Hope you like this video!
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  • Hi i have done a art for Anveet mam please wacth it

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  • which brand dress you wear

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  • Hello can i get reply from uh ma'am Or didi whtever Plzzz Ya plzz iis email pe mess kr skte ho kya big fan Alaasim 😍 17akshat05@gmail.com

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  • Which is the song?

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  • Avneet ap ko kasa lagraha ha k siddhath 19 sal ke honi ni vale ha

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  • You are very beautiful and cute you are my favourite crush

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  • Hi di i am big fan of your acting skills.... I have just uploaded a videos in my channel about you.... Its some of your pics... Please see that video and comment me below to let me know that you have seen... If possible please mention my channel in your next video

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  • what is song?

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  • Mam please kuch beauty tips dijiye jo 11 year girl bhi follow kar sake please mam. Me aapki you tube, tik tok dono ki hi fan hu. Me iske alava aur kuch nhi chalati nhi me uski bhi Aapki fan hoti.

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  • How to clean our knees.. Plz.give ideas avneet

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  • Jannat zubair was also wearing blue dress

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  • Pls yarr plzzzzz tell yeh kaun saa gana h? Plzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz tell yaar nhi toh main mar jaaongi pls tell

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  • U totally resembles ur mother 😍

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  • Nice luck mam

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  • The baground music is so good pls tell its name avu di

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    • On&on

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  • Luv u avneet I m a huge fan of ur's. ...

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  • you are the best avneet

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  • whats the meaning of missa

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  • Can u pls tell us how do u manage ur career and study both....Pls tell me I wanna do acting so I have to know this

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  • Avneet Kaur you are the best according to me.You are a rising star from dance show to film and daily show.I love your style,dressing sense. With love.

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  • I am 10 year old

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