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Hey guys! So I hope you liked this fun video 😂
I had a lot of fun making this!
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Love you all 😘
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  • Avneet Di plzzz next video mein BHI Shilpa aunty ko laiye ga plzzzz . Btw . Big fans of yours 😉❤️

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  • Avneet kaur🤣🤮🤮🤢

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  • Ma'am aap dikhana kya chahti🤔...kabhi kuch achi inspiration or motivational vedio daal diya kareyai...aap log ke aise vedio se new generation youth kuch jada nhi sikh pate..pta nhi kyu girls without short dress or makeup ke alava kuch or nhi krti...or aap jaise log or isse bada rhai hai..

    Aditi PrajapatiAditi Prajapati3 घंटे पहले
  • Please see your dress collection

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  • OMG!What This eye shadow is nice I like eye shadow very much I want to hug you

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  • Avneet maam main aapki friend banna chahti hu plzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Plz join aladin😓

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  • Hindi me bolo

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  • Guys it’s not Shilpa its silpa

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  • Who is Krupa

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  • OMG ! didi your eyeshadow collection so pretty

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  • Aveent please dress collection in you tube channels

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  • Very jocking and super hit video for me very very nice video yaar you acting is very good

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  • Very very funny and nice

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  • This video is quite interesting😂🤣with silpa aunty

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  • Avneet di you are looking beautiful and this vedio is so comedy 😂😍😘💕❣️♥️

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  • And I want to ask about you phone number can you tell me

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  • Avneet you are so cute

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  • Wow didi you have a amazing eye shadow collection

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  • I dont have any eyeshadow. My mother do not buy that for me I'm so exited to see your eyeshadows. I wish I had only 1eyeshadow 😢

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  • Hi mam

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  • Hay I have lost of painting plates and brushes and colours like you

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  • I love the character of shilpa aunty Your eyeshadows are very pretty

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  • The fun fact here is avneet di don’t know most of the eyeshadow names ,that much eyeshadows she has but still really a good and lovely video

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  • I love you my sweet avi 💕💕 💕💕 I love you my sweet avi 💕💕 💕💕 I love you my sweet avi 💕💕 💕💕

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    • Yes

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  • After watching the video i went on amazon to checkout the neon huda beauty pallettes n to my shock i found it but it retails for 6435 INR 😅😑n i be like WTF👉👈MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND

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